Some say that life just happens. It has been my experience that this is not true. There is a purpose to life. You may feel as if you have no connection to God or a spiritual life. These feelings may come from life’s experiences such as:

  • Relationship(s)
  • Divorce
  • Issues with Death
  • Financial set backs
  • Unrelenting feelings of guilt

If you feel that you struggle from any of these areas and are looking for some answers, then please contact me and allow me to point you in the direction of the one who has the answers – Jesus Christ. If you feel yourself spinning out of control and dealing with thoughts of suicide, please click the link below, you can call the listed numbers 24/7.


Suicide.org - Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Support!
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There are those churches that suffer from internal conflicts, financial issues and spiritual battles everyday. Many of these issues come about during pastoral searches or when churches are without pastoral leadership for long periods of time. A chaplain ministry can help through providing pulpit supply and spiritual direction in times of searching for leadership and God’s plan for a local church.    



If you are a Board Member, General Manager or HR Director, then you know that everyday life can bring personal problems to employees or volunteers that can affect your organization’s performance.Issues like:

  • Personality Conflicts
  • Relationships
  • Financial Problems
  • The Death of Someone
  • Parenting Issues
  • Health Caretaker at Home

A Chaplain Ministry can help with information and direction towards a balanced Christ centered solution for your employees and volunteers, for everyday life.